What We Do

At Real People our customers are central to what we do. They are the reason we exist and as such, our products are driven by a commitment and a vision of “sustainably improving lives”. We partner with our customers on their business journey offering financial solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In our endeavour to standout from a crowded MFI market, Real People goes beyond just offering loans. We assess and think through the business ideas of our customer and offer expert advice on how best to go about it. We believe in growing with our customers. We do this through an array of products among them:

At Real People, we target the larger micro and lower end SME businesses with the intention of growing with them through a mutually beneficial business relationship. This market segment is considered among the fastest growing in the East African market.

Business & Asset Finance

In keeping with our vision of Sustainably Improving Lives, we provide business and asset finance to businesses in East Africa. Specifically in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, where home-grown businesses make up a large proportion of the economy, we are one of the few financial services players that provide finance to individual entrepreneurs. Understanding the complex dynamics of this key target market has enabled us to play an active role in building these businesses – the lifeblood of many African economies.

Home Finance

Our strategy is to be a financial partner for our customers as they aim to improve their lives by providing home improvement finance. We collaborate with reputable building retailers, providing finance in-store at the point of sale with the assistance of knowledgeable consultants who understand the needs of our customers. Aided by our quick and easy application process, the finance we provide helps thousands of customers live their dreams.

Responsible finance. Sustainable futures.